2022 Numerology

2022, a universal year, 6 in numerology is about finding one’s place, making peace with oneself and with others. A dominant 2 is present, as it’s represented three times and it will make room for adaptability, communication, empathy, and cooperation.

A more solid base

Twelve years to cultivate more balance and well-being to invent oneself, to let the heart express itself, get used to the new pace and make the most of our new reality. 2022 is made up of 20 and 22. The first one evokes uncertainty, achievements. It’s going to shake up peaceful and passive energies of 2. It represents danger which accompanies the random and unknown aspect. It’s possible that tensions and oppositions of the past year, are still present at times.

A path to reinvent

22, a master number, refers to the builder, it is related with the construction of a foundation or a structure. One will focus on getting back to normal and rebuilding our lives. A concrete, pragmatic number, it can be fixed, rigid and stick to one’s ideas, even if it means showing intolerance. Quite the opposite of 6, which extols harmony and a common ground. This number is related to an aura of emotional support. It points out devotion to humanitarian concerns and Earth, but it is closely related to ideas of caring and advocating for others, and psychic healing. 6 is also about love, which one feels for oneself, suggesting to take care of one’s mental but also physical well-being, the love for those close to us but also for our partner. Its nourishing and benevolent energy will heal wounds and provide a balm of softness.

Find balance

2 represents peaceful and balancing energy, which makes situations harmonious. This highly adaptable number will make a pleasant and peaceful effect and release a vibe leaning on cooperation. If and when disputes were to arise, 2 will be both a welcome and a powerful force. Social and friendly, a symbol of balance, friendliness, and receptivity, it hates solitude. With 6, they will try to develop an energy of protection, security and the sanctuary of the house will sometimes be key for healing or at the heart of collective concerns. The essence of this year 2022 is the number 12, heralding major constraints, obligations at times, that will be tough to relieve. On one hand, it will be about not feeling distraught, but on the other hand, it’ll be about calling upon our creative and liberating forces.