A successful valentine’s day

Soon the 14th of February, the lovers’ day. With the approach of the end of winter, all hearts are in excitement. This is in harmony with the forces of nature that are already awakening to bring forth life. Here’s your Valentine’s Day horoscope to help you make the most of this romantic time.

Aries: For a successful Valentine’s Day, it will be essential that you avoid irritating subjects such as your mother or work, otherwise it will be a guaranteed argument. Speaking of work, try to make yourself fully available for this evening. Show your other half how important he or she is in your life.

Taurus: You’ll be tempted to think outside the box and surprise your loved one. This is a great initiative, but rather than organize a trip that could have its share of mishaps or adventures, opt for a romantic tête-à-tête at home where you’ve created an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful love movies.

Gemini: A few small financial difficulties could disrupt this lovers’ day. The value of a gift does not necessarily depend on its price. You are imaginative enough to find a gift that will surprise him or her. And your partner is tolerant enough to understand your situation. What counts is your love!

Cancer: Family or work commitments could jeopardize the candlelight dinner you had planned. However, it is always possible to mark the occasion without going to great lengths, by offering a beautiful bouquet of roses to your loved one, or by writing a poem, a song or a favorite dish.

Leo: What your partner will want this Valentine’s Day is for you to display your flamboyant passion, to bring him or her dreams and escapism. Be Prince Charming to his princess, or the fairy to his knight. Avoid like the plague earthy discussions or talking too much about yourself.

Virgo: Expect to be shaken up romantically, especially if you’re single, because this Valentine’s Day could coincide with an unexpected and passionate encounter. Expect to be disturbed in your habits and certainties. Virgos in a relationship may find it easier to get carried away.

Libra: You’ll have to deal with a partner who is on edge, ready to get angry or burst into tears at the slightest thought. Your diplomatic and mediation skills will allow you to defuse tensions and restore harmony in your relationship.

Scorpio: What you consider to be an emotional protection, a shell, could well be felt as coldness or even indifference by your loved one who, especially on this night of the lovers, will need a demonstration of tenderness and affection. Put down your weapons, take off your armor and your sudden vulnerability will transport your other half with love.

Sagittarius: You’ll be in a feisty and naughty mood this Valentine’s Day, your partner will be a little more reserved. Don’t get frustrated and above all don’t get defensive, because that would rather complicate things. You know, a few tender attentions, a languorous massage and everything could change suddenly.

Capricorn: If you’re single, your patience will be tested by someone who shows some indecision following your invitation to a romantic dinner. You’ll be tempted to get angry, but don’t. Be understanding and tolerant, so that you can put the other person at ease and have a better chance of winning their heart.

Aquarius: Dress especially warmly before the lovers’ day, as conditions will be right for a cold to keep you away. That would be a shame, because a nice surprise awaits you, especially if you are single. Love could make a grand entrance without warning.

Pisces: Nothing will be gained, a priori, for this Valentine’s Day evening, because the one you love will be rather distant if not clearly irritated. Don’t be discouraged by this attitude and keep your confidence in your mysterious charm that can melt the most solid of icebergs. If you take care to create a romantic atmosphere with candles and soft music, how could he resist you?