Astro-mapping: the ideal city to spend happy days according to your astro sign

Our astrologer has dusted off his good old natal chart and surveyed the stars for your eyes only (you’re in luck). So, if you’re still looking for « the place to be », the cosmos has the answer.

Discover, without further ado, which is the ideal city for you to blossom according to your astro sign.

Aries: You need to get moving. You need thrills and good vibes. Choose between New York, the city that never sleeps, or the hype and chill of Cancun. 2 venues, 2 atmospheres.

Taurus: Pleasure and nothing but pleasure. Live the dolce vita in Rome: spaghetti, chianti, gelato and Toto Cutugno! Perth, the friendly little Australian paradise, but don’t be afraid to hit the road.  

Gemini: Culture, curiosity and boba shops! Paris is magical. The Louvre, Paris Plage and the Moulin Rouge. What more could you ask for? London, hyper-underground and attractive, say hello to King Charles for us!

Cancer: Peace and quiet. Lausanne and the Lavaux vineyards overlooking the lake! If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ve come to the right place! Sweet, beautiful Lisbon, for the weather, crazy rooftops and attractive prices. If you’re cheap, go for it!

Lion: It’s got to shine. Living in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades, the district where you’ve always wanted to set down your suitcases. Between Bradley Cooper’s house and Adam Levine’s.  Miami, sea, sex and sun, what else?

Virgo: Discovery. Avoid crowded #antisocial cities. Go for destinations with unpronounceable names like Reykjavík or Seville, for archi and tapas galore!

Libra: Sweetness and hype. Vienna, for Viennese cafés and waltzes.  Copenhagen, the city of happy people. Don’t forget your bike for a ride along the canals!

Scorpio: Bustle and underground.  If you’re a night owl AND a fashionista, you’ll love Berlin. Amsterdam, for coffee shops and the Van Gogh Museum #legarsavecuneoreillecoupee

Sagittarius: Diversity. Barcelona, the heterogeneous city, you love the « Spanish inn » atmosphere. Buenos Aires, for its Latino flair and the meat and wine of La Cabrera! Vale

Capricorn: Authenticity. Montreal, for nature, buildings and Quebecers. Tabarnak! Madrid for its cheap restaurants and schweppes tower. #pouvoirdachat #inflation

Aquarius: Modernity and cutting-edge technology. Tel Aviv’s nightlife and crazy sunsets. Hong Kong, the most high-tech destination!

Fish: Chill and waves. Calvi, for the turquoise sea, prisuttu and figatellu. Positano, because it’s romantic and it clicks when you say it!