The Full Moon of the Wolf: Beyond the myths

Native peoples have long been captivated by the January full moon, calling it the « Full Wolf Moon ». More than just a name, this designation carries with it a deep cultural heritage, interweaving the wolf’s wild nature with spiritual traditions. During the icy nights of January, wolves, symbols of resilience and strength, make their presence felt. Their howls, echoing in the winter darkness, are a haunting melody, tinged with mystery and awe.

Variations and symbols: Other names for the Moon

In addition to the name « Full Wolf Moon », this lunar phenomenon is also known by various names such as « Moon after Christmas », « Old Moon », or « Ice Moon ». Each of these names, though different, reflects the essence of the winter season, its rigors and unique beauty, capturing the essence of frozen landscapes and extended nights.

Astral influence: Full Moon in Leo

When the Full Moon is in the sign of Leo, it instills an atmosphere of dynamism and self-expression. Under its influence, radiance and self-confidence are amplified, encouraging a more daring and passionate expression of self. In astrology, Leo, a fire sign, is associated with leadership qualities, creativity and a strong personal presence, traits magnified by the moon’s intense light. This period is often seen as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on oneself, to focus on personal projects that require courage and originality.

Family ties: The Full Moon and social cohesion

The January full moon is a symbol of family togetherness and solidarity, in the image of the wolf, a creature both strong and protective of its pack. This period encourages the strengthening of family ties, the resolution of conflicts and the sharing of moments of complicity. It’s an invitation to celebrate the bonds of blood and heart, and to remember the importance of family unity.

Balance and fulfillment: Capricorn’s influence

In 2024, the January Full Moon aligns with the Leo-Capricorn axis, instilling a dynamic of balance between emotions and concrete goals. Capricorn, an earth sign, brings a touch of pragmatism and stability, allowing you to keep your feet on the ground despite inner turmoil. It’s a period conducive to planning and realizing personal projects, where determination and perseverance are precious allies.

In all its many facets, the January full moon is not just a celestial event, but a mirror to the depths of the human soul, a reminder of the invisible ties that bind us to nature and our ancestors. Its mystical power continues to inspire and guide, offering an inexhaustible source of fascination and wisdom.