Learn to draw cards: The Boatman

The Tarot de Marseille fascinates, intrigues, attracts, seems simple and natural to use for some, and complicated for others.

Part 1 – Sentimental area

We propose to enter into the secrets of the major arcana, more particularly in the reading of the cross reading, by approaching the principal meanings of each arcana according to its position in the drawing.

We start with the sentimental domain, then we will tackle work and finances.


Position 1: the pro, the consultant

Position 2: the counter, the other person, the efforts to be made

Position 3: Consulting, intervention, external events

Position 4: the result, the response, the evolution

Position 5: the synthesis that we will not deal with here, as it is linked to the other 4 cards of the draw.

The Boatman in 1


Available, enthusiastic, you believe in love, seduce by your spontaneity, your youth of heart and character. You consider love as a game, you dare to go ahead, to take risks. For you everything is possible, you don’t think and go for it! A new beginning is on the agenda, if you are coming out of a difficult relationship.


Your couple knows how to keep the flame that prevents them from falling into a routine. Complicity, humor, inventiveness, youthfulness, everything is united! In this position, the Bateleur can announce the arrival or the desire of a child. If you’re going through a difficult time, you’ll do everything possible to start afresh. Depending on the other cards, you may have someone in mind…

The Boater in 2


Precipitation, inexperience, delayed appointment or compromise, the relationship is badly engaged… If it was promising, it is disappointing. It is recommended not to trust easily, because the person appears to be manipulative, practicing lies with skill.


A possible difference in age, or at least in maturity, leads to dissatisfaction, the current no longer flows. The couple is not on the same wavelength. The desire for a child (or the difficulty of conceiving) is a subject of discord. Lies, dissimulations and manipulations reveal a union that is not very stable and that is subject to disagreements that can lead, according to the other cards, to a separation.

The Boater in 3


Take the initiative! Don’t wait for things to happen, it’s up to you to provoke events, to dare, without asking questions. Love freely, with simplicity, no need to add to it! Take a step on the path of love, towards the other, stimulate encounters. Go out, accept invitations, take care of your look.


Desire to bring renewal in the relationship, to relaunch it on a more dynamic mode, to try new experiences. Throw yourself challenges, challenges to avoid falling into a routine. You must take initiatives to ensure the durability of the relationship.

The Boater in 4


All the cards are in your hands, you have all the elements to achieve your goal. It is your attitude that will determine the outcome of your expectations. Be natural, cheerful, a renewal is announced. You are the artisan of your future.


You have something to try to make the relationship last. If you’re going through a crisis, it’s up to you to take action to restore momentum and creativity to the relationship. Depending on the other cards, you may choose to take back your freedom and begin a new relationship.