Summer Horoscope 2022

The sign of Aries will set the tone for the summer with Mars and Jupiter passing through this sign. There will be a desire to move forward, to project oneself, to find freedom of action. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will put the brakes on if certain situations do not seem to be sufficiently matured or carried out too quickly.

Saying yes to your lucky star

Despite the retrogrades of Jupiter and Saturn, the planets will be in a good mood this summer, offering the possibility to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that are sure to come your way. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus from August 25 onwards will also walk backwards, but let’s bet on their wisdom not to make a mistake by rushing. Jupiter, the star of good fortune, bringing its beneficial effects in Aries will have the good idea to infuse its dynamism and its joy of living to set off towards new adventures both personally and professionally. In June, Mars will support you with all its persuasive power and will invite you to overcome your fears and dare to assert yourself. However, you will have to know where you are going to put your feet, as the warrior planet is known to go on the offensive, in order to be the first one on the finish line. Also in June, Venus will stick to Uranus in Taurus to bring a touch of sensuality to your love affairs and avoid getting bored in duo.

A fair balance

Mars will change sign and philosophy on July 5, crossing Taurus until August 20. It is no longer a question of going all out, living the present moment to the fullest, but of settling down quietly and while you can, under the summer sun. It will also give you tenacity if you tend to give in to discouragement, reminding you that it sometimes takes time and patience to see your desires come to fruition. Jupiter in reversal on July 28 will abound in this sense, believing that excessive haste will be contrary to his ethics and his will to bring luck and prosperity. On July 18, Venus in Cancer will favor tender closeness while Mercury in Leo the next day will be pleased to offer relaxation and good humor.

Surprises to discover

From August 11, 2022, Venus in Leo will spread its generous and charismatic energy, will value self-expression and will offer flamboyant love affairs. In this summer sign, she will invite young and old to get closer through playful activities, sports, to make new friends and enlarge your circle of relationships. On August 20, Mars will enter Gemini and will remain there until March 25, 2023. He will love to discuss, negotiate, and contribute with his many ideas, but will sometimes tend to quibble, to be in bad faith, not hesitating to turn his coat if the situation seems too complicated. On August 25, Uranus will postpone certain changes that are not essential for his daily comfort.