The arcana of the Tarot: the Chariot

According to legend, the Egyptian sages, fearing that their sacred knowledge would one day be lost, decided to hide it in the last place where ill-intentioned people would think to find it: a simple deck of cards. Such would be the origin of the Tarot and in particular of the Tarot de Marseille which, in addition to being a marvelous divination tool, contains a true treasure, the esoteric and initiatory knowledge of ancient Egypt, itself heir to ancient Atlantis. Today we will study the seventh card or arcana: The Chariot.

To understand the meaning and symbolism of a tarot card, it is important to analyze its shapes and colors. Here we find a young man who is no longer questioning, he has made his decision and acts accordingly. The chariot evokes the idea of movement, of a definite direction. Let’s take a closer look at this card. The two horses represent our impulses, instincts and desires. Here they are reunited and directed in one direction by the Ego or higher mind, which is represented by the crowned figure (symbol of the spirit). We find the notion of mastery in this image, by the spiritual element, of the impulsive forces. The central figure is wearing a suit of armor, he has learned to protect himself from external influences. On this armor, one can find two crescent-shaped epaulets (lunar symbol) bearing a human face. One is laughing and the other is crying. Our character has learned to manage his different emotional states, subject to the cycles of time, positive or negative, represented by the wheel. He strives to remain constant, master himself. Behind him are four pillars representing the four elements, which support a square canopy representing the Earth or material world. He, along with the two horses, form a triangle within this square. Here we have the spiritual principle triumphant, overcoming the material principle.

In its broad outline, this blade represents the construction of the personality, which is an armor allowing to act in the world in a differentiated way. It represents the strength of will that makes its way through all difficulties, the spirit of decision and conquest, victory. It can also announce trips or travels.

General meaning : direction – victory – self-building – affirmation – journey

Reverse: dissipation of energies, pitfalls and incidents during travel, immobility

Astrological correspondences: Cancer – period from June 22 to July 22 – Moon – 4th house (emotions) and 3rd house (travel)

Other matches: The digestive system – A trip by car. A self-confident young man