The arcanas of tarot : Magician

Depending on the legend, the Egyptian sages feared that one day they would lose their sacred knowledge, so they decided to hide it in the last place where ill-willed people may find it: a simple deck of cards. This is how tarot was invented and mainly Tarot of Marseille, which in addition to being a wonderful divination tool also contains a genuine treasure, esoteric and initiatory knowledge of Ancient Egypt, being the heir itself to ancient Atlantis. Today we shall study the first card or arcane: The Magician.

To understand the meaning and symbolic aspect of a tarot card, it is important to analyze its forms and colors. Here we have a young man with blond hair, solar attributes symbolizing self-awareness, under a hat in the form of a lemniscate, the sign of infinite. Thus, here we have the image of an individuation process of myself from the Great Spirit. In his left hand, passive and receptive, he holds a wand connected to the Fire element and persistence with which he gathers spiritual influences to materialize these in the world of matter. This is the reason why he holds a gold coin, another solar symbol but connected to the Earth element and wealth. You can find a table in front of him which represents the physical world, the spirit’s scope of action, on which one can find cups, related to feelings and the Water element, a knife connected to air and the sector of intellect, but also a bag in which the Magician can conserve the fruit of his Earthly experiences. Last but not least, the clothes of the Magician, he is called this way as he controls the forces of nature around him, wears blue in equal shares, the color of spirituality and red, the color of action. Therefore, a perfect balance between these two divisions.

The general meaning of magician: Will, individuation, creative principle, mastery, eloquence, skill

Opposite meaning: lack of self-esteem, shyness, manipulator, con artist, liar

Astrological correspondences: Mercury (intellect, eloquence) houses III (communication) and VI (analysis)

Other correspondences: Brain, nervous system, business, travel, communication, a young man.