The astral climate of your holidays

Soon the summer season and with it the days at the beach, the bodies exposed to the sun and the summer love affairs concluded in the moonlight. For others, it’s a time to get together with family and friends and forget all our worries. In this article, you will learn without further ado how you will live your holidays according to your star sign.

BLUE: You will have a hard time finding common ground with your family about your holiday destination, especially around July 9 and the Mercury Jupiter square. Indeed, your relatives will not share your desire to go to the other side of the world. Renew your proposal around July 23, you’ll have better luck. In August, all the astral indicators will be in the green to allow you to take advantage of every moment, to do some sport and why not a beautiful meeting, especially around the 1st and the Jupiter-Sun trine. Be careful with your spending, which could be excessive around August 7. You like to please your friends, of course, but you should not let this get you into trouble.

TAURUS: July will be a very favourable month for you, especially between the 9th and 16th when the Sun and Mercury in Cancer will successively form a sextile with Uranus in your sign. The joys of family holidays by the sea will make you forget all the stress accumulated this year at work. This period will also be tinged with romance and it would not be impossible for you to live a beautiful love story. August could be a little more tense from the 1st with the Mars-Uranus conjunction, but also at the time of the Sun-Uranus square on the 11th and the square to Venus on the 27th, where professional issues could come to the forefront of your holidays. On the financial side, you’ll be able to manage your holiday expenses perfectly, especially when Mercury enters Virgo on the 4th.

Gemini: Beware in July, your desire to escape to the water’s edge could well make you think too big, or at any rate well beyond your financial means. This tendency will be felt especially between the 10th and the 27th, when Mercury and Venus will be in square to Jupiter. Avoid this period as much as you can to leave, because you will then lack temperance. In August, you will benefit from more favourable influences, notably thanks to the Sun’s trine (August 1st) and Venus’ (18th). Thanks to your charm and eloquence, you could make a sensation on the beaches and campsites. You could live beautiful stories of holidays even if they remain ephemeral.

CANCER: July will be an excellent month for you, especially because no less than the Sun Mercury and Venus will transit your sign. Your financial situation will be more comfortable than usual and will allow you to indulge yourself and your loved ones more. This month would be ideal to go on vacation, especially since the Sun’s trine to Jupiter on August 1 could bring you professional opportunities not to be missed. Be careful between August 7 and 14, the Sun’s opposition and Mars’ square to Saturn could lead to disputes in love based on jealousy and suspicions of infidelity.

LION: If this is possible for you, it would probably be better to go on vacation in August and not in July. In fact, during the month of July there will be a series of planetary squares (Sun, Mercury and Venus) in Cancer, in your 12th house, the house of problems and difficulties, with Jupiter in Aries in the 9th house, the house of travel. If you cannot do otherwise, avoid in any case excessiveness and adventure without preparation. In August, on the other hand, you will benefit from very good astral influences due to the fact that this time the Sun (August 1st) and Venus (August 18th) will be in trine to Jupiter: this aspect will be favourable to outdoor activities, to the discovery of new places and… to love. Be careful, however, as a sentimental disappointment is possible around the 14th.

VIERGE: You will be torn in this month of July between a powerful desire to live your life to the fullest, including on the love front, and your responsibilities towards your family, your children. This dilemma will be particularly felt on June 29, but also around July 10 and 25. In August, you will have more opportunity to take care of yourself and let the flame of passion sweep over you. The key moments will be August 1 and the 18th.

BALANCE: In July, you could argue with your spouse about holidays. On your side, a certain impatience to leave will be felt while your spouse will invoke professional imperatives to postpone your holidays, which will not be at all to your taste. For those of you who will leave anyway during this month, expect disputes with the people who will be renting you your holiday apartment. In August, you will be happy to enjoy your friends either by going on holiday together or during memorable evenings in the moonlight. Single Libra, a beautiful meeting is possible around August 18.

SCORPION: From June 29 onwards, you will experience a very stormy period which will last until the end of August. During this period you could have a holiday encounter (perhaps around July 10) with an indecisive person who will make you go back and forth with your feelings. To avoid suffering and thus spoiling your holidays, it is better to prepare yourself beforehand and not to invest yourself too much emotionally. Live intensely what you have to live, but without expecting anything more. You will thus avoid many torments.

SAGITTARIUS: July will be a high-risk month for Sagittarians in couples. Indeed, the squares formed by the Sun, Mercury and Venus to your planet Jupiter will expose you to great temptations during your holidays. It will be very difficult for you not to give in to the great thrill of infidelity. In August, the fast planets in Leo in your 9th house, that of great journeys, will incite you to take to the open sea and to discover new lands as long as it is warm. Beware of love at first sight around August 18.

CAPRICORN: If you’re going on vacation in July, there’s every reason to believe that, with the stars in Cancer forming a square to Jupiter in your 5th house, your stay won’t be a smooth one, especially if you’re going with your family. In fact, you could end up arguing with your spouse and yourself because of the children who will be acting up, which will have the gift of annoying you to no end. Around August 18, Venus, ruler of your 5th house, that of love, will favour your power of seduction and bring you much success in love on the beaches.

AQUARIUS: You will be tempted in July to go on an adventure with friends, but you will need the agreement of your other half who will not see it the same way and will feel neglected. Expect a few spats, especially around July 26. In August, your relations will be much more serene and you yourself will be more inclined to go on a romantic holiday together. Everything in its own time, you are perfectly right, but the main thing is to be clear with the other person.

PISCES: In July, the return of an old love into your life could leave you feeling somewhat confused and indecisive. It’s also possible that unforeseen financial circumstances will put a question mark over a vacation you’ve been planning. If this is possible for you, postpone them until August when the astral influences will be more favourable on the financial level, especially from the 15th of August. A reconciliation in love could also take place around the 18th.