Trinity Oracle: Push open the door, sun is inside…

After getting acquainted with the Trinity Oracle, an Oracle whose 57 numbered cards help date the foreshadowed events, let’s look at the first cards, related to the month of July, The Door.

Symbolism of the Door

The door symbolizes the passageway between two worlds, two states, between the known and the unknown, the unholy and the holy, shadow and light. It leads to mystery…What are we going to discover if we push open the Door? It’s dynamic magnitude, as it encourages us to come forward and enter the core of our own self. Our free will guides us, there is no guardian, it’s a free pass…except if we were to imprison ourselves, by refusing the passageway…

What does it teach us?

It appears during an important change in life, like a marriage, move, birth, career change for example. It makes us confront the question: are we ready to experience this shake-up, accept this new information from destiny, are we open-minded and trustworthy to follow this new path, and jump into the unknown?

In a divinatory draw

The consultant is someone who is open, curious, possesses all the qualities who enables him to understand his fellowmen, accept weaknesses without judging, encourages and shares his experiences. Attracted by black arts, parapsychology, this person is used to prophetic dreams. Despite the worries related to the unknown aspect, he is ready to push open the door, if it isn’t already the case!

In terms of emotions

The Door heralds a change in plan, the necessity to experience a relationship in a different manner, either through a free or a legal commitment, by pushing open the door or by taking a step back. The consultant isn’t ready to make the leap, he remains on the doorstep! The Door indicates a new way of experiencing one’s love life, the cards shall give more information.

In terms of professional life

Construction professions, ranging from mason to architect are represented through this card. It heralds a change in situation, position. It’s positive when it comes to getting a raise or materializing projects. A promotion is possible.

In terms of finances

Very favorable! If the consultant comes across money issues, he can feel reassured, his situation is going to improve, a solution will put things back on track.


The consultant ends a life cycle, he enters a new period of initiation. He takes a step, learns lessons from the past ordeals, feels ready to continue moving forward, seems to better understand his true being, and discover himself.

Don’t forget that “when you push open the door, magic is everywhere!”