What are your limits according to your astro sign?

We’ve been looking at your limitations and blockages, call it what you will. We’re not going to make a fuss about the words or the ailments, we don’t want to offend you! So sorry, but we won’t spoil the results of our favorite astrologer, #fayotagedecompet, we let you discover without further ado, your biggest limit according to your star sign.

Aries: No limits. You’re not afraid of danger and you love to challenge yourself. Risk taking? It runs in your veins, the blood!

Taurus: Invaders! You preserve your private life AND your secret garden, you keep at bay the parasites of your life.

Gemini: Boredom is a real headache for you. You’re ready to take the angelic leap to new experiences.

Cancer: Your family. You knew that! The mif is your greatest strength as well as your greatest weakness.

Leo: Negativity. You’re solar. You don’t want to be undermined by bad vibes.

Virgo: The unexpected. Im-p-o-ss-i-ble to let go for a control freak like you.

Libra: The clashes. The queen of peacemakers, the clashes? It puts the pressure right on you.

Scorpio: Lose control of the situation. Great strategist, you hate being caught in your own trap.

Sagittarius: Acknowledge your wrongs! Willing to do anything but admit it. A big kid at heart.

Capricorn: Your comfort zone. You like to have your feet firmly planted in the ground, to play Peter Pan? Very little for you.

Aquarius: When someone tries to conform you. The persona, the weirdo