Your month of September 2022

The astral and spiritual energies of this month of September will encourage you to take stock of the past year, mainly due to the passage of the Sun and Venus in the sign of Virgo and the return of Mercury within the latter from September 23, which is also the day of the autumnal equinox. This will favor reflection and to the sorting out of what can still be useful to us and what is no longer useful. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10 will help us to accept the life we have, to live and to privilege the spiritual dimension in our lives rather than the material aspect and the desire to possess. However, be careful not to lose your bearings and keep a certain sense of reality, especially during the Sun-Neptune opposition on September 16.

Week of September 1 to 5, 2022

On September 1, Mars will be sextile to Jupiter, so it will be an excellent day for any business operation or convincing an audience. Wearing red will reinforce this. The 2nd is the beginning of the Celtic Grapevine Month under the ogham Muin. Engrave this ogham on a vine branch, visualize your plans coming to fruition and burn it. Muin will help achieve these. Conversely, on the 3rd, Mercury will oppose Jupiter encouraging you to be too enthusiastic and not realistic enough. Carrying a bit of lead or the color black with you, will keep you grounded and focused.

Week of September 5 to 11, 2022

From the 5th, Venus enters Virgo and will stay there until the 29th. It will help you see a romantic situation more clearly. On September 10, Mercury will be in retrograde until October 3. Take advantage of this period to make your own personal assessment of the last 3 months, analyze and take advantage of what has been done or experienced. On the same day, the Full Moon in Pisces will be in sextile to Uranus. On this day you can meditate on being detached in regard to material things and free yourself from these shackles. In practical terms, this can be supported by a big sorting out at home, giving away everything that clutters you, that you no longer need. You will feel as if you have been freed from a great weight. The energies of this Full Moon will also help you regenerate your life habits and get out of the routine, to let your heart and intuition express themselves more. Focusing on the color indigo will be a plus.

Week of September 12 to 18, 2022 

This is a relatively calm week in terms of astral energies. On the 16th, however, there will be a square of Venus to Mars and an opposition of the Sun to Neptune on the same day. This may have the effect of disturbing both your concentration and your sense of concrete reality. To avoid this, you may need an anchor stone like onyx that you can combine with citrine to channel the intellect. The Venus-Mars square may incite you to easy criticism or even verbal hostility, especially since on the 18th Mercury will oppose Jupiter for the second time this month, accentuating what has just been said. Chalcedony will be your best ally, to remain calm and favor constructive and harmonious dialogue.

Week of September 19 to 25, 2022

This week will begin with a Sun’s trine to Pluto. Meditating on a philosophical or metaphysical question on this day, will open you up to new ways of understanding the universe and the meaning of your life. It will also favor reflections and steps to change jobs and start a new professional course. The arrival of the autumnal equinox on the 23rd could be the occasion for a little ritual where, the length of day is equal to that of night. Go for a walk in the forest and dwell, with leaves and acorns that you will put in the same basket. Then consciously sort out the leaves that represent what has been experienced this year and belongs to the past and the acorns that represent what we would like to plant for the future. Scatter the leaves but keep the acorns at home for the winter. You can then replant them when spring returns. On the 24th, beware of the Venus-Neptune opposition that could make you vulnerable to sentimental illusions. Finally, on the 25th, the New Moon in Libra will take place. Light a white candle and make your wishes for the current lunation. They will be more successful if they are related to wedding plans or legal or judicial procedures.

Week of September 26 to 30, 2022

On the 26th, Venus will enter in conjunction with Mercury while forming a trine to Pluto. This will allow you to approach your priorities in life, your relationships, your work and their respective places with more lucidity and discernment and thus counterbalance the effects of the Sun-Jupiter opposition, which will take place the same day and will incite you to go overboard, with your life choices and a certain lack of temperance. On the 28th, Mars in trine to Saturn will help you get your ideas across and accepted by others. Take advantage of this influence to organize a conference or a debate. You could also make new friends. On the 29th, Venus enters Libra where it is powerful and will remain like this, until October 24. This will be the ideal time to make your love potions and rituals or simply declare your love to your loved one. To do so, wear green.