Gemini Horoscope for April 2019

With Mars in your sign from the very beginning of the month, your impatience with everyone will increase. You want to act now because you feel you’ve been waiting for too long. The New Moon will support your plans and the Full Moon could bring the success you deserve. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto going backwards your enthusiasm will decelerate and test your very own patience. Uranus now in Taurus, can test your nerves at times, you must resist and go ahead instead of running away!

Mars entering Gemini April 1st, you could appear bossy, especially if you’re ready and launch your new project and you hold the majority of the responsibility.

New Moon in Aries April 6th, is the time for beginning a new venture. The project you have been working on can finally take form. You might be restless!

Jupiter Retrogrades in Sagittarius from April 10th to August 11th, you will barely have time for your partner and your relationship could suffer if you are too involved in your career. It will be difficult to find compromise and balance!

Mercury in Aries April 18th, your ruling planet will bring action and energy but you should watch out for impulsive decisions. Don’t rush, you could hurt yourself or someone else!

Full Moon 29o Libra April 19th, this could be a very satisfactory time if you’ve handled negotiations with care and diplomacy. Your enthusiasm and determination will be appreciated and celebrated!

Sun enters Taurus April 21st, in this placid and Earthy sign, you can’t expect to be as quick and efficient as usual. You will slow down and take care of yourself. This isn’t a surprise after so much activity!

Venus in Aries April 21st, a friend could play an important role in your life now or you could meet someone who is going to support you. Love might arrive!

Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn from April 24th to September 18th, finances will be your main concern during this period and nothing will seem stable. You might even reconsider your position and the choices you made!

Saturn Retrogrades in Capricorn from April 30th to October 3rd, you won’t feel comfortable with financial matters if you were expecting security. But nevertheless, you will stick to your guns. If you keep patient and dedicated, it will surely pay in the long run!

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