Horary Astrology

A bit of history and practice

William Lilly was an English astrologer who perfected the Horary art, set by the ancients. Horary astrology is perfect for timely information and precise answers. Horary Astrology answers to questions by using the time of the question instead of the birth of the person. It is precise and accurate and can answer a wide range of questions.

It doesn’t give directions in life or advise but it gives a “yes” or “no” answer. The phrasing of the question is crucial. There must be a willingness to accept answers which aren’t in keeping with expectations.

Horary can provide information about all topics, work, relationships, finances and much more. But also, when something is missing.

Horary relies on astrology principles and symbolism plays its role.

Horary focuses on the planets related to a specific question and their aspects, it can indicate if it is going to be easy or challenging.

What to look for?

Main significators:

The Ascendant which represents the Querant.

The Moon (being the fast planet) and her aspects are essential. It will describe how the Querant feels deep down, what are his wishes and desires. And what are the expectations!

The Quesited is symbolized by the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of the House that relates to the question.

Golden rules:

-In Horary, we use traditional and ancient rulers for Scorpio that is ruled by Mars, Aquarius by Saturn and Pisces by Jupiter.

-In Horary, if a planet is within five degrees of the cusp of a house, it is said to belong to the following house.

-In Horary, if the Rising happens to be in the 3 first degrees or the three last degrees of a sign, the chart is invalid. It would be the same for the Moon situated in the last 3 degrees of a sign.

-In Horary, if the Moon is placed in the Via Combusta zone (Libra 15o to Scorpio 15o), the chart is uninterpretable.

A few guide lines:

  • A planet close to the Angles has a stronger influence. The first House will refer to the situation surrounding the question.
  • If a Fixed Star closely conjuncts the Ascendant, its influence will be felt.
  • The Part of Fortune (Arabic Parts) is relevant too. Best when in the 1st and 10th house but less effective when in Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius.
  • If a planet conjuncts the Ascendant, it will show how the querant is behaving.
  • With Mercury, the querant will be more logical,
  • With Venus, he will be romantic,
  • With Jupiter, he will be optimistic and joyful,
  • With Saturn, he will be depressed.

Ruling Planets key words:

The Sun is life, active, hot and dry.

The Moon is cold, moist and reflective.

Mercury is cold, dry and mental

Venus is cold, moist and sweet.

Mars is hot and dry. It is energy and action.

Jupiter is hot, moist and extroverted.

Saturn is cold, dry and restrictive.

It would take time and practice to become familiar with the Horary technique but it has strong potential, especially when timing is important!

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