Interpretation of dreams

Through our dreams, our subconscious mind is telling us that there is an issue, a fear, or some worry we need to take into consideration. There are a few other dream categories as Precognitive Dreams. These are psychic dreams that can foretell the future. We all dream but we don’t take advantage of the wisdom that dreams provide. Through our dreams, we are able to understand ourselves better.

Dreams are the bridge that allows movement between what we think, we know and what we really know. They can only be understood in the larger context of the individual’s unfolding and self-discovery. Dreams allow us to process information or events that may be painful or confusing. Dreams reveal a person’s deepest desires and deepest wounds.

Years of analysis have demonstrated that every dream is about the dreamer, every part of the dream is part of the dreamer, and every dream reveals the person’s state of mind, 24-48 hours before the dream. There are guidelines that can help you perceive your dreams in a more thoughtful manner and help you find a deeper meaning.

-Record your dreams regularly,

-Identify recurring thoughts in your dreams and daily life,

-Consider all the elements of your dreams,

These are useful insights which lead us to the path of discovery and to the interpretation of our very own dreams. The subconscious uses images from our life to communicate to us in analogies, with symbols. Our car symbolizes our body, it speaks of our current health. The setting of our dream will reveal what mindset we had the day before the dream. It speaks about our purpose.

Dreams can be precognitive, giving insight into possible future events, giving real warnings. Some dreams help being creative and solving problems. Some famous inventions were derived from dreams. Animals are instinctual, they symbolize our habits, our usual way of thinking. Our clothing is a matter of personal expression. If we’re naked, we’re experiencing our true self, if we’re trying to cover up, we might be feeling vulnerable.

When we don’t know the people we are with, it means we don’t know ourselves very well. If a person dies in our dream, it means a part of us is changing. When we start interpreting our dreams, we understand our life and our motivations better, so what are you waiting for? Let’s give it a try, you will surely enjoy it.

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