Is jealousy inherent to Love?

“I love you” is something used so much these days that it has lost its real meaning. It could have lost its healing powers as well as it has become banal, too easily and too often said.

According to Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the writer of the Little Prince, “Love means looking in the same direction rather than looking at each other”. Sharing goals seems important but it isn’t enough. It is necessary to let go off the fear of losing the one you love and work on trust instead.

To be healthy, love has to be expressed spontaneously and of course, it has to be returned and shared to provide the happiness and well-being we are looking for. Loyalty and fidelity are important parts of the game as love is supported by trust. And this is when jealousy might emerge therefore hurt and destroy.

Me, jealous, what do you mean?

Jealousy arises when a relationship is infringed on by a rival who threatens to take away something that is in a sense rightfully yours

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