Jupiter Retrograde: A whirlwind of emotions, excess, passion and tension!

From September 4, 2023, Jupiter will become retrograde, meaning that it will appear to move backwards rather than forwards in the sky. This is due to a difference in speed between the star in question and the Earth, which then overtakes it, giving the optical illusion that the star is moving backwards. It will become direct again on December 31, 2023.

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Jupiter, planet of expansion, is also the planet of excess and excesses. Retrograde in the sign of Taurus, it could encourage us to spend more than is reasonable, or to think too big for our plans. It could also drive us to an exacerbated love of pleasures of all kinds.


During this reverse movement, Jupiter will go through two phases:


September-October: Excess and reaction

First of all, the Jupiter-Venus square on September 17 could have a strong impact on our love life. We’ll feel a strong need to please and seduce, which, for those already in a relationship, could lead to extra-marital temptations or infidelities. Similarly, a strong need to look good could lead many of us to break the piggy bank on clothes or other superficial accessories. This will also be the case for our spending on leisure and entertainment, which could well exceed the reasonable. Leo and Taurus natives will be most affected by this square. On October 22, Jupiter’s trine to Venus in Virgo will encourage us, no doubt by force of circumstance, to be more rigorous and self-disciplined in managing our lives and our budget.

From a world astrology perspective, this could coincide with a new period of economic austerity and fiscal restraint.

Late October mid-December freewheeling

The second phase runs from late October to mid-December, with Mars opposing Jupiter on October 28, the Sun on November 3 and Venus on December 10. These upsetting aspects will have the effect of amplifying our passionate impulses, especially for Scorpios and Leos who are already naturally inclined towards this, as well as Taurus. As a result, we may experience unusual and disproportionate emotional reactions, leading to conflicts in our relationship (too much jealousy, for example) or at work. On the other hand, the sign of Scorpio, in which Mars, the Sun and Venus transit, is linked to sexuality, and it’s highly likely that these three oppositions to Jupiter will excite our libido to the point of making it difficult to keep our erotic impulses under control. Once again, this could at best lead us to go beyond certain taboos a little too quickly, without being sufficiently prepared, or even encourage us to try out new experiences outside the couple. Throughout this period, we’ll need to be more measured and never react too quickly.

Tense global and social context

From a world astrology point of view, these three oppositions could coincide with a rise in tensions between Scorpio’s Russia and Taurus’ Ukraine, especially around October 28. Likewise, unrest in the Middle East and Niger could have an impact on the world economy, which could slow down. In France, we could see waves of demonstrations or even riots protesting against inflation and social insecurity. These oppositions will occur between the 8th (crisis, transformation) and 2nd (state finances) houses of the 5th Republic. The current government could be particularly hard hit.