Mars versus Neptune: An extraordinary astral battle

On August 22, 2023, at 10:35 pm Paris time, Mars will oppose Neptune. The effects of this aspect will be felt until August 27.

The right balance between heart and mind

Mars is a star that drives us to act, to fight and to put all our energy into a chosen ideal or objective. In the cerebral sign of Virgo, a sign of purity, we’ll be inclined to put our minds in order, clarifying our thoughts with logic and rationality. Likewise, we’ll be inclined to put reason above feelings, seeking to cut toxic ties and emotional dependencies. This is without counting on the influence of Neptune in Pisces, which will pull in the opposite direction. Indeed, this planet has a tendency to feed us pipe dreams, unattainable dreams or even to let us be influenced or manipulated by disreputable people. The challenge will be to find out which of the two energies will prevail over the other. Fortunately, these two planets will be in sextile and trine to Pluto in Capricorn, planet of transmutation, transforming our darkness into light and, through its position in an earth sign, leading us to understand and master our emotions. The following day, August 23, Mercury will go retrograde until September 16. During this phase, Mercury will seem to recede in the sky, and this will complicate our relations with others, with whom we may become too acerbic or critical. Likewise, we’ll find it hard to find our bearings and manage our daily lives efficiently, until September 4, when Mercury will be in trine to Jupiter and then, on the 6th, in conjunction with the Sun. These two aspects will enable us to see things more clearly, including in the field of finance, where we’ll be able to rely on a certain flair and capacity for analysis.

The Virgin… and the others

Virgo natives will be primarily affected by both this Mars-Neptune opposition and Mercury retrograde. The marital sphere may be particularly affected, with suspicions of deceit or infidelity that will not be easy to untangle. They’ll need to put their emotions aside and observe things objectively. They will also have to be very careful before signing any contract, as there will be a high risk of fraud. Pisceans, on the other hand, will have to deal with a spouse who will tend to criticize them at every turn, and be extremely fussy and suspicious, to the point of becoming a source of sadness. Confiding in a mutual friend may help. For their part, Geminis could find themselves in the middle of a family conflict, with parents and children possibly fighting over money or inheritance. Sagittarians could find themselves embroiled in a passionate and secret love affair that could cause them some torment, unless they manage, thanks to Pluto, to manage their impulses and abstain. Capricorns, on the other hand, are the ones who will make the most of these configurations, keeping their emotions at bay.

Epidemics, climate change…. and consequences

From a world astrology point of view, this Mars-Neptune opposition could revive issues linked to the sign of Virgo, namely public health and agriculture. A new epidemic could emerge, or food tensions linked to global warming or pollution. This could have an impact on world oil and hydrocarbon prices, symbolized by Neptune and the sign of Pisces. Pisces also represents secret manipulations and conspiracies. So it’s not impossible that certain fears will be exploited by pressure groups to increase their power over populations. Mercury’s retrograde indicates that world trade could experience a certain slowdown at least until September 4-6. Note that in the theme of the Fifth Republic, Mars is in the 7th house (international relations, justice), which seems to indicate that the French government will align itself with international decisions on health and the environment. As Virgo also symbolizes the police, it’s not impossible that a trial or legal action involving police officers will make headlines.