Learn to draw cards: The Goddess

The Tarot de Marseille fascinates, intrigues, attracts, seems simple and natural to use for some, and complicated for others.

Part 1 – Sentimental area

We suggest entering into the secrets of the major arcana, more particularly in the reading of the cross reading, by approaching the principal meanings of each arcana according to its position in the drawing.

We start with the sentimental domain, then we will tackle work and finances.


Position 1: the pro, the consultant

Position 2: the counter, the other person, the efforts to be made

Position 3: Consulting, intervention, external events

Position 4: the result, the response, the evolution

Position 5: the synthesis that we will not deal with here, as it is linked to the other 4 cards of the draw.

The Papess in 1


Represents a discreet person, keeps a low profile, who listens and observes more than he/she speaks. Indicates a relationship in the making, a suppressed passion, but also a hidden relationship. Patience, reflection, and maturity help the person to manage the situation that motivates the consultation. Also indicates a pregnancy that is not yet known.


Emotional displays are limited. Discretion remains. Feelings are present, but the relationship is lived in a platonic mode. Here again, the possibility of a pregnancy appears for the person or someone close to her. The Goddess announces an extra-marital relationship, a secret that must not be revealed.

The Papess in 2


Excessive shyness, modesty, fear of commitment and physical contact, hence a difficulty in creating a link, in reaching out to others. The celibacy is lived apparently serenely, but deep down a suffering exists. A severe complex, a secret, a hidden relationship spoils the love relationship.


Lack of communication, coldness, lack of emotional affection is detrimental to the couple. Something may be going on behind the consultant’s back, her partner may be hiding his desire to leave her for someone else. There is no dialogue between the spouses. Here again, the notion of secrecy is present and weighs heavily on the relationship. Pregnancy can be a problem.

The Papess in 3


Here, La Papesse advises to take one’s time, not to commit before having observed, listened, let mature the feelings. Do not reveal yourself too quickly, remain careful and discreet. The Goddess is very intuitive, intuition must guide the action. There is a truth to be found. An important woman can help.


In the couple, to keep its share of secret garden is vital! The Goddess knows it and practices it. Adopting a discreet attitude, respecting calm, not forcing communication is the best way to manage a difficulty, to reflect on what is problematic. A pregnancy can be a beautiful project for the couple and it works! A good counselor surrounds the consultant.

The Papess in 4


We might as well announce it, the encounter won’t take place at once. It is necessary to free oneself from one’s fears, from one’s blockages. Working on the past to better live the future, such is the message. Patience opens the door to a happy future.


If the couple is doing well, the relationship will follow its course peacefully (too quiet?). No waves, the harmony is in place without fervor. The idea of a pregnancy may give you a boost but think carefully before you take the plunge. If the couple’s boat is rocking, the relationship is threatened by the lack of dialogue, dissimulations and secrets. It is difficult for the moment to predict the evolution.