Mars in Virgo: The celestial housecleaning that will shake up our lives

On July 10, 2023 at 1:41 pm Paris time, Mars will enter Virgo and remain there until August 27. Mars is an energetic planet, a planet of action. In the rather cerebral sign of Virgo, it will push us to clean up our lives, to analyze our shortcomings, but also our superfluities, and thus to unburden ourselves in order to retain only the essential.

Cleaning our heads and our lives

We’ll also be working on getting our life habits and relationships back in order, and working hard to achieve our goals. This transit will see two particularly remarkable phases. The first is between July 20, when Mars opposes Saturn, and August 1, when it trines Jupiter in Taurus. During this period, we may experience a few disappointments, such as the betrayal of loved ones, or the realization that we’ve become disillusioned with our most cherished beliefs. This will act as a springboard for us to redouble our efforts to ensure a stable and secure life. Our finances may also improve. The second phase takes place between August 22, when Mars opposes Neptune, and August 25, when it trines Pluto. During this phase again, we’ll feel torn between reason and feelings, between fantasy and reality. This won’t always be easy to grasp and accept, especially for those of us with a natural intuitive or spiritual streak. That said, making sure we keep our feet on the ground and our heads on straight will make it easier for us to rise professionally and socially.

Signs on the front line

Natives of Virgo, of course, but also of Pisces will be the most affected by this transit of Mars. For them, the beneficial aspects of Mars to Jupiter and Pluto will be very promising at the professional level, provided they accept the need to move, or even relocate. On the other hand, they may have a turbulent summer in terms of their love life and marriage, with disappointments in love or second thoughts that will have to be overcome. Gemini and Sagittarius will have to find the right compromise between satisfying their professional ambitions and their family life. The choice could be a difficult one. Cancers are in a similar situation, except that it could be their spouse who doesn’t necessarily share the same ambitions. Watch out for unforeseen events on your travels around August 22. Scorpios could benefit from a better income from August 1 following the signing of a contract. A tumultuous love affair could also, after a few outbursts, find some peace. Capricorns will have to work on their emotions and let them express themselves more fully, especially in love or with their children. Finally, Taureans may meet someone in love, certainly around August 1, who will upset their routine and may even call into question their existing relationship. The arrival of a child is not impossible.

A new epidemic risk, authoritarianism and a return to growth

From a world astrology point of view, this transit of Mars in Virgo will bring a variety of elements. Opposition to Saturn on July 20 could herald a resurgence in the risk of epidemics worldwide (Virgo is linked to the world of health), with new restrictions on individual freedoms (Saturn in Pisces). These measures could be widely contested and suspected of serving opaque financial interests (opposition to Neptune on August 22). For France, we can see that Mars will transit the 6th house, which is the house of health, but also that of public services, notably the police. Around the 20th, we can expect to see a strengthening of measures aimed at repressing crime, but also at monitoring political or religious trends deemed dangerous to the State. This could involve increased controls and bans. It’s not impossible that the effects of these measures could, on the contrary, be counter-productive, encouraging the growth of radical and conspiracy-oriented ideas (opposition to Neptune on August 22). On the other hand, it would appear that Mars’ trine to Jupiter on August 1 will have a positive effect on global economic growth. In France in particular, a recovery in employment and an increase in purchasing power could be felt.