MARS Retrogrades in AQUARIUS

Since June 2018, Mars, the planet of action, risk-taking and adventure has been in the sign of Aquarius. Thinking outside the box could be beneficial to make one’s dreams come true. There is no place for weakness or dreaminess, it is time for concretization and action.

Aquarius is an Air sign even if it carries Water. Its main attributes are originality, extravagance and positivity. Aquarius likes solving problems, independence and friendships. Anticonventional, conformist, spontaneous, (could be blunt sometimes!) but with good morals and values.

Even if it seems emotionally detached, it can get hurt. And rebellious at times. It is always fun to be in the company of an optimist and charming Aquarian. They have plenty of friends and they are often the “life of the party”.

Mars positioned in Aquarius highlights these traits. Strong will and aggressiveness will be used for spiritual goals. There is an intuitive intelligence at work. Efforts will be carried out to express ideas and concepts in an explicit manner, without taking over or imposing oneself. Order will be considered more important as clarity will be looked for.

Mars Retrogradation in early Aquarius and late Capricorn from June 26 to August 26, will slow down the general pace. Just like all retrograde periods, it is more a time of reflection and completion than action. The Lunar Eclipse on July 27/28 will conjunct Mars in Aquarius, this will intensify the exchanges.

This will be considered as the ideal time to make necessary changes and adjustments. But Mars can be quickly upset and frustrated if it is forced or blocked. Patience and calm are the keys, if you want to avoid clashes. It might be better to wait until the end of the Retrogradation period to go ahead with plans. Delays will surely be beneficial in the long run, no rush, no hastiness.

What can we expect?

The House which hosts Aquarius in your Birth chart, will tell you more about the kind of changes you can expect.

In the 1st: personality and appearance

In the 2nd: income and owned property

In the 3rd: brothers and sisters, neighborhood

In the 4th: home and family

In the 5th: romance, love, passions

In the 6th: daily routine, health

In the 7th: partnerships, spouses

In the 8th: shared money and properties

In the 9th: ideas, traditions, travels

In the 10th: career, work, public life

In the 11th: projects, friendships

In the 12th: dreams, ideals, insights

It would, therefore, be wiser to complete ongoing plans during the Summer but to avoid any new beginnings before September 2018.

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