Oprah Winfrey

Sun 9o Aquarius in 2,

Moon 19o Sagittarius in 12,

Ascendant 29o Sagittarius,

Mercury 19o Aquarius in 2,

Venus 9o Aquarius in 2,

Mars 24o Scorpio in 11,

With the Sun in Aquarius in 2:

Independence and friendship motivate Oprah more than anything else. She has a deep concern for humanity and she will surely be involved in many different projects with her friends and colleagues. She wants to be in control of her life and she can’t accept when things don’t go her way. She is idealistic and emotionally detached which helps her to move forward. More cerebral than emotive, she can be passionate and defend a cause vigorously!

With the Moon in Sagittarius in 12:

Oprah is an enthusiastic and positive person most of the time. She is quite charismatic and this is why she is so popular with her friends. Always on the move and ready to take action, she is fond of travels and distant destinations. She is talkative and enjoys serious discussions. She is paternalist and protective of her loved ones. Even if tradition is important, she is looking for differences and excitement! 

Ascendant in Sagittarius:

With the Ascendant on the cusp, Oprah blends the two different energies very nicely. She is able to show two opposite faces, depending on the people and situation. The Sagittarius side being extroverted, sporty and outspoken and the Capricorn side being quiet, serious and reliable. Oprah is smart and can adapt when needed. She is curious and wants to learn, she is confident and lively. Her colleagues appreciate and enjoy working with or for her.

Mercury in Aquarius in 2:

Oprah is at ease when she talks and she is a source of inspiration to others. Her mind is sharp, she is efficient and can work on long term goals. She thinks outside the box!

Venus in Aquarius in 2:

For Oprah, love has a different meaning than most of the people on the planet. She believes in “universal love” and her friends are most important. She is too independent for a classic relationship. Her partner must trust and let her do her things. But she needs to be in admiration and amused!

Mars in Scorpio in 11:

Oprah is a consistent and a resilient woman but she can be stubborn and bossy. Secretive, she manipulates and uses others to achieve her goals. Success is her mantra. Her strong sexual energy needs to be expressed.

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