True love tarot

In 2006, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, her husband, created the “True Love” Tarot. This new Tarot deck focuses on Love, relationships and partnerships. But also, the way to handle them!

Who are Amy Zerner and Monte Farber?

Both involved in Astrology and Tarot readings, the couple lives in East Hampton, US. They have edited an Astrology Cookbook, a Chakra meditation kit, a Pendulum kit and other tarot decks such as the Enchanted Tarot and The Instant Tarot. Monte Farber works as a coach as well, helping with his wise and communicative skills.

How does the “True Love Tarot” differ from the other Tarot decks?

There is a 176-page illustrated guidebook that comes with it, so it will be easy to use.In their deck, the minor Arcana is different :

– The Gems have replaced the Pentacles,

– The Shells have replaced the Cups,

– The Roses have replaced the Wands,

– The Wings have replaced the Swords.

The True Love Tarot is a “simple card or two cards answer” deck which gives you precise and insightful advice to find love.  But it can help you improve a current relationship as well. Each of the 78 cards of the True Love Tarot deck is a beautiful collage, a magical fairy-tale, world of dreams and fantasy. Amy and Monte will guide you to make wise decisions when you are on the path to love. They will provide you with a winning strategy for long-term companionship and happiness.

The Major Arcana cards in Love readings:

The Major Arcana cards can tell where you stand with a relationship with yourself, with others and how you go about to meet your quest for love. They are important for the questions that are related to love and to matters related to the heart.

The Minor Arcana cards in Love readings:

The Suit of Shells has to do with relationships, connections and feelings. It points out the ones that are inspiring. If creativity is what makes your heart overflow. 

The Suit of Gems brings out the best in you. When you feel secure you can put your guards down and love with all your heart.

The Suit of Wings speaks about the way to communicate and how you can form instant connections. Being understood is so important.

The Suit of Roses lights up the warmest feelings in you. Laughing and having fun with someone is capital.

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