What is cheating?

Let’s start with a few actions such as:

  • Acting dishonestly
  • Committing adultery
  • Being unfaithful
  • Playing mind games
  • Being untrue, false, inconsistent

According to these actions, cheating is rather negative and a demonstration of a lack of respect. There is nothing glorious in cheating on someone but it could appear glamorous and proof of their virility and sex appeal.

Some people love to control, dominate and change partners as it adds to their list of conquests. Cheating makes a person feel important and popular or fills a longing for variety and youth. Cheating can also be seen as part of tradition or religious concepts as well.

A bit of History on the topic

Fidelity versus Cheating

It’s important that you first agree on the terms that you set and the strength behind the words you choose to live by. Communication is the key here, beware of wrong assumptions.

Flirting can be seen as a game without bad intentions; a game of seduction without consequences. What is wrong with cheating? It seems more acceptable, more normal maybe for some people these days.

Fidelity in a couple is honesty, loyalty, support, faithfulness (especially with your sexual partner) and the observance of the promises made, at the start of the relationship.

 A huge part of Love is Trust

Trust takes a long time to build, it needs to be cherished and appreciated. It takes time to meet someone special, to open up and to feel secure. Betraying someone’s trust can lead to severe and irreversible consequences.

Temptation is difficult to resist and the media is a contributing factor.  For example reality shows explore and glorify the topic. Sexual gratification is the issue here.

Sex has become something consumed quickly, after a fast-seductive proposition, on line preferably. There is nothing important here but it can, nevertheless destroy the trust, the security and the stability of the couple.

So, even if you think you both agree on the meaning of fidelity, it is important to talk and decide what the boundaries are in your relationship. What you can and what you can’t do.

Committing to a relationship usually means respecting the agreements, taking responsibility in a couple and therefore, avoid cheating! Unless the conventions are different but clear and accepted by both sides!

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