What’s your idea of a romantic vacation?

A Romantic vacation isn’t the same for everyone, we all have our own vision of paradise. However there is a common ground, according to your Sun, Moon and Venus position. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will have their saying as well.

Here are a few hints to help you choose where to take your sweetheart this summer:

People ruled by the Earth Element such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will feel relaxed and comfy in countryside. These down to earth people need to be in contact with nature and the soil, to feel recharged and regenerated.

People ruled by the Air Element such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will enjoy discovering new places and different cultures. They like to exchange ideas and points of view. They need to break free from their environment to feel that they’re on holiday.

People ruled by the Fire Element such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius need action and excitement. They want to have fun, share new adventures, and meet new people. Playing, competing and showing off is part of their nature!

People ruled by the Water Element such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are found of water. Holidaying near the sea or the ocean is a Must. This is where they most feel at home and where they most enjoy their vacation.

Sun signs habits and preferences:

 Aries are less enamored by things than memories. Take them on a trip. They’ll be thrilled to go on an adventure, go to the trendiest place and join the hottest gym center.

The typical Taurus fancy luxury and the finer things in life. They don’t mind putting down some cash on expensive designer labels. They will love to visit antiques and exhibitions. Not to mention, eating in gourmet restaurants.

Geminis are curious and talkative. They love to discover new things and new people. Anything that stimulates their mind and keeps them engaged like going for exhibitions and concerts. This will seduce them!

Cancers are the most emotional and nostalgic people. Taking them to the place of their childhood will make a major effect on them. But they can spend holidays at home and make you feel special as they are fantastic when it comes to “caring”.

Leos love luxury and glamour, they would prefer a trendy place with famous people and beautiful cars. Their appearance is important. They will appreciate good food, good wine and a grandiose hotel. Casinos are appealing!

Virgos know exactly what they need and they will have planned and organized everything in advance. They are practical and would like to have everything close and handy. They prefer quality and go for a proper classic style. Their perfect holiday place has to be safe but eventful!

Libras love being in an arty environment. They love antiques and bargains. They admire the hottest trends and want to experience them. No need to go far for a holiday, they would prefer an intimate dinner in a romantic setting, a ticket to the opera or an art gallery opening.

Scorpios value the relationships and sex in their lives. Sharing time and experience with them is the most important, wherever it can take place. They enjoy being mysterious and appealing and they love to show off, in your company, in a famous seaside resort!

Sagittarius are the travelers of the zodiac. They need to move and can’t stay for too long in one place. They are physical and sport is a must if you want them happy and relaxed. Being involved in a sport event or a competition would be a real treat. Overseas trips are favored!

Capricorns are organized, they need to plan their trips in advance. They will gather all necessary information to avoid any stress during their holidays. They can’t rush or act on the spur of the moment, they need to be in control and they are always looking for the best deals!

Aquarius are often the life of the party, they are playful and can act out of character. They are globe trotters and they are always excited to embark on a new adventure. They need to be creative and often come up with good ideas. You will not get bored with them, they will surely surprise you!

Pisces are sensitive and sentimental. They are artistic individuals with big dreams. Their imagination is vivid and they live in fantasy land. The perfect holiday spot for them is by the sea, with a romantic room, good music and good wine. With your best partner in crime!

The Moon rules our emotional well-being.

You will feel at home and settle easily and comfortably in a city or a country ruled by the same sign as your Moon.

For example: if your Moon is in Aries, England, Israel will be good holiday spots for you.

In Taurus, Tasmania, Ireland,

In Gemini, Iceland, Morocco,

In Cancer, USA, New Zealand,

 In Leo, France, Italy,

In Virgo, Crete, Brazil,

In Libra, Argentina, Japan,

In Scorpio, Cambodia, Turkey,

In Sagittarius, Australia, Chile,

In Capricorn, India, Mexico,

In Aquarius, Russia, Sweden,

In Pisces, Portugal, Egypt,

You will especially enjoy Venus places for a holiday. They are the most sensual, comforting and relaxing locations. Good locations for finding love and having a romantic experience.

Mercury places will bring communication, stimulate your mind and your curiosity. Mercury places can lead to friendships and social activities.

Jupiter places will broaden your horizons and inspire you. You can meet people who can act as teachers or mentors.

Avoid Saturn places as they require a lot of hard work and self-discipline. Not the best location for a Romantic vacation!

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