Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid extracts, that are used to address issues of emotional well-being, the development of the soul, mind-body and health. They are generally taken in orally. Flower essences are generally prepared from a sun infusion of either wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms in a bowl of water, which is further diluted, it’s potency increased, and preserved with brandy.

The quality of the environment, the vibrancy of the place and meteorological conditions are important. Like Homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences are vibrational in nature. Flower Essences work through the human energy fields, the mental, emotional, and physical well-being. The specific structure and shape of the life forces conveyed by each Flower Essence resonate within the human soul.

 38 Back Flower Essences

Flower essences were first developed by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930’s. Edward Bach grew up in Birmingham, England. From an early age he knew that he wanted to heal people. He was a bacteriologist and a homeopath; he was intuitive and deeply spiritual.

69 Australian Bush Flower Essences

They are catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and create emotional health and well-being.  Ian White, naturopath and herbalist, grew up in the Australian bush. He learned about nature from his grandmother. He became a pioneer, researching the remedial qualities of the Australian native plants.

The Bush Essences are a system of healing that anyone can use for themselves or prescribe for others. The Bush Remedies help to clarity life purpose and to give the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality and creativity.

When to use Flower Essences?

Anytime when there is a spiritual, emotional or mental obstacle to cure.

Are there any contraindications?

Flower Essences are safe, and they can be used with other medicines. However, it is better not to mix too many essences at once and to get advice from a ABFE practitioner.

Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence

Dr. Bach combined five specific Remedies from the 38 to formulate an Emergency composite that he chose to call Rescue Remedy. Its purpose is to treat the pre or post emotional effect that a sufferer may experience through shock, great fear or terror, panic, severe mental stress and tension, a feeling of desperation or a numbed bemused state of mind.

The remedy is also ideal for emotional upsets, stage fright, visiting the dentist even severe bites and stings, which create the effects of shock and panic. Rescue Remedy is made with Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens and Clematis.

Ian White has prepared a combination for the same purpose called Emergency Essence. Emergency Essence is made with Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the wild forces, Fringet violet, Grey spider flower, Sundew and Waratah. Californian Essences, are the successors of Bach Flowers. Discovered in the Eighties, they are well suited for the problems of our society. 

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