Gem Essences

Physical conditions are manifestations of Energy imbalances or blockages, they can also come from potentially destructive feelings, moods and thoughts.

Just like Flower Essences, Gem Essences have a healing vibrational frequency.

What are they?

The basic principle in using Essences, is that every illness, whether mental or physical, stems from an emotional imbalance. The Essence is made by imparting the vibration or energy signature of the Gem into water. Alcohol may be used as a preservative. An Essence can be made from almost anything as everything in life has a vibrational frequency. Essences are liquid preparations which work on the body, mind and spirit.

Essences are used to treat many emotional and physical ailments, they are safe for all ages. Essences are usually taken orally, as drops placed and kept under the tongue.

Gems were used whole, worn on the body, or crushed and ingested as a powder or an elixir. 

Where does it come from?

Ancient cultures used Gems to direct the subtle forces of nature. In ancient Eastern medicine, Gemstones and Gem elixirs played an important role in the Healing process.

Crystals and gems were respected for their magical powers and vibrational properties. Gems came to be used in Astrology, to counteract the negative influence of the planets. 

In Vedic Astrology, gemstones are mentioned, they represent the nine major planets:

Ruby for the Sun,

Pearl for Moon,

Coral for Mars,

Emerald for Mercury,

Diamond for Venus,

Blue sapphire for Saturn,

Cat’s eye for the planet Ketu and Garnet for the planet Rahu. (North and South Node)

More recently,

-Aileen Dawson, a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, has developed the Australian Gem Essences range since 1987. Australian Gem Essences have a growing popularity around the world.

– Rebecca Defina developed the Antarctic Essences while visiting the Antarctic Peninsula in 1992, a How can Essences help?
For Gems to transmit cosmic rays that enhance physical, emotional, or spiritual health or attract positive influences toward a person, they must be natural. Gems also transmit cosmic colors that are in turn absorbed by the chakra centers, they must have good quality and clarity.

Gems are considered to have beneficial qualities based on the healing energy vibrations that they contain. They activate energy centers and help to develop sensitivity. Individuals can benefit from these energies by wearing gems as jewelry or by placing the natural gems in water overnight and then drinking the water.

Gems can be purified by placing them in salt water for two days.  

Few examples:     

    Amethyst  helps to control emotional temperament.
    Emerald promotes intelligence, power, and prestige. Enhances art and music.
    Diamond is the best rejuvenating precious stone. It brings prosperity and is spiritually uplifting.

    Ruby helps concentration and mental power. It strengthens the heart. 
   Topaz promotes passion and relieves fear. It gives strength and intelligence. 

   Sapphire promotes digestion, metabolism and complexion.  

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