How to use the different phases of the Moon for Love?

A few insights about the Moon phases:

The emotions are ruled by the Moon, so it makes sense to plan depending on the Phases of the Moon.

New Moon (Beginning)

This is a great time to plant the seeds of a new relationship or to move a relationship into a new phase. Ideal time for attracting people into our life.

Waxing Moon (Setting Intentions)

This is a more challenging time. There is a lot to be done on both sides.

 First Quarter Moon (Action)

This is a playful time, an exciting time for discovery and sharing.

Waxing Gibbous Moon (Refine)

This is the perfect moment to introduce your sweet heart to your close ones, family and friends.

Full Moon (Harvest)

This is the time for action, for finally jumping over the fence and enjoying what you’ve been waiting for. A fruitful period for getting to the bottom of things. However, the Full Moon is certainly the strongest time for relationships. It can bring good or bad, according to the emotional state of each person involved. It amplifies emotions in a dramatic manner. Its hectic energy can create chaos in the Love sector, watch out for the tendency to push too far. During a Full Moon, awareness is heightened, we want to satisfy our needs and we know better what we desire in our relationships. We are more sensitive and our intuition is usually heightened. But by being more intense, we can easily jump to conclusions and go overboard, much more quickly. Watch out for restlessness and irritability, they can disturb and destroy any strong relationship. However, a Full Moon is generally a good time for expressing our sexuality, the libido is boosted.

Waning Gibbous Moon (Gratefulness)

It is more a time of repelling energies, of endings than building. Don’t expect positive results.

Last Quarter (Release)

It is the time to get rid of what is of no use anymore. Makes break ups easier. Forget anger, grudges, let go and forgive.

Waning Moon (Surrender)

It is a transition time, it is better not to get involved, not Getting ready for the new cycle is the path to choose.

When the Moon is Void of course, (when it makes the latest contact to a Planet, before changing Sign), it is better not to start anything. Especially in matters of Love! Nothing is going to work the way you want, you’d better wait before moving ahead. Don’t go on a first date, don’t get engaged or married on a Void of course Moon!

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