Is Mercury involved in Love stories?

Mercury is about how we express our feelings, our needs, our fantasies and our desires.  Heart isn’t enough when it comes to love, head plays an important part, as well.

The Sign Mercury occupies in the birth chart, tells what we think about commitment, how we speak about love and how we visualize the perfect couple.

Air signs are the most talkative ones; they like to be surrender people and exchange ideas and points of view.

Earth signs can be reserved and silent or blunt, at times. They need to feel secure in order to pour out their hearts.

Fire signs are enthusiastic, fast and furious. They can easily seduce and convince their preys.

Water signs are shy, discreet and mysterious. They can manipulate or lie to get what they want.

The Element shows how we interact with close ones and what are the patterns we reproduce unconsciously when in an established relationship.

The House Mercury occupies in the birth chart, says in which area of our life we are able to speak our mind and to head towards our dreams.

Mercury placed in the 2nd, 5th, 7th or 11th house will give more strength, especially if combined with the majors planets. In any other house, it gives good clues about the relationship and the issues at work.

The aspects Mercury forms with the other planets will make flourish communication in a couple.

Conjunctions can bring the best or the worse, depending on the tolerance, adaptability and sincerity of each person.

Sextiles and trines will make the dialogue easy and simple if each person is willing to play their part.

Squares and oppositions will be more challenging but certainly more exciting.

In Synastry, any close aspect to Mercury will make the connection more mental, more intellectualized. It might be a sign of conscious growth and meeting of minds.

In Composite, the sign and the house position will show what the two of you can achieve together. How you will protect your couple and how they will relate to the world.

It is important to acknowledge Mercury’s influence as it will determine one’s way of thinking and communicating!

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