Medical Astrology

A bit of History

Medical astrology has been used for centuries in India, China. It was present in Arabic countries as well and gained importance in Europe from the Medieval period. Astrologers assigned Zodiacal Signs to rule the parts of the body and the Planets to rule the diseases and drugs. It is a system of observation and interpretation of the Planets and the interactions, based on Rulership.

A preventive tool

Medical Astrology can be used as a preventive tool for the identification of the weaknesses in the birth chart. It is effective and accurate.

The organs of the body as ruled by Planets:

The Sun rules the heart

The Moon rules the ovaries

Mercury rules the brain, the nerves, the respiratory system,

Venus rules the kidneys, the digestive system and reproduction,

Mars rules the arteries, the muscles and reproduction, teeth, nails and hair,

Jupiter rules the liver,

Saturn rules the veins, skin, bones and skeleton,

Uranus rules the endocrine system,

Neptune rules the lymphatic system,

Pluto rules bladder and elimination,

The organs of the body as ruled by Signs

Aries rules head and eyes,

Taurus rules neck, ears and throat,

Gemini rules arms, hands and lungs,

Cancer rules breasts, stomach and solar plexus,

Leo rules the heart and the spine,

Virgo rules the liver and the intestines,

Libra rules the kidneys, the skin and vertebras,

Scorpio rules reproduction, the colon and rectum,

Sagittarius rules hips and thighs and sciatic nerve,

Capricorn rules the knees and joints, the hair,

Aquarius rules blood circulation, ankles and teeth,

Pisces rules the feet and the toes,

Signs will determine the physiological side:

Aries: distribution of energies and brain faculties

Taurus: recuperation

Gemini: breathing

Cancer: nutrition

Leo: distribution vital forces

Virgo: assimilation

Libra: liquids in the body

Scorpio: reproduction

Sagittarius: the senses

Capricorn: preservation

Aquarius: circulation, elimination

Pisces: perspiration and lymphatic system

What disease or weakness for the Signs?

Aries: fevers, headaches, inflammations, accidents, outbursts of anger, excessive energy

Taurus: throat problems and disease, worrier, over-indulgence, brood over problems

Gemini: asthma, anemia, bronchitis, nervous problems, restlessness

Cancer: digestive problems, lessening of vitality, emotional disorders

Leo: poor circulation and heart troubles, over-exertion and burn out

Virgo: digestive and intestine problems, nervousness produces acidity in stomach

Libra: kidney affection and spine troubles, nervous exhaustion

Scorpio: diseases related to the sexual and reproductive parts, low resistance because of worrying

Sagittarius: sciatica, gout and accidents, injuries and restlessness

Capricorn: skin inflammation and knees problems, disease comes through inhibition and frustration

Aquarius: nervous diseases, blood poisoning, sensitive, worrier and perfectionist

Pisces: cold, allergies, over active mind, hurt sensitive feelings, complaining

There are a lot of possible combinations and the aspects formed by the transiting planets can foster various scenarios and unfolding. A Medical astrologer could help discovering your weaknesses and your Achilles’ heel. This could help preventing diseases and imbalance! 

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