Uranus is changing sign, a big move!

What does it mean?

Uranus leaves the sign of Aries where it has stayed put for the past 8 years and it will enter the sign of Taurus on May 15. It is a time of excitement and of unpredictability that is coming our way. Uranus entering Taurus on May 15, will open the door to a new cycle with a lot of uncertainty and chaos in the process. The sign of Taurus symbolizes Earth, possessions, all valuables and money.

Uranus represents all kinds of turbulences, surprises and unexpected events. Uranus in Taurus is associated with money and valuables. Shake ups and shocks in wealth seem inevitable. Even if Taurus likes and favors structure, stability, long term goals and steadiness, with Uranus, there will be a need for innovation, invention and independence. Old ways of doing things, of governing and managing money might drastically change, from May 15 onwards.

What’s around the corner?

There will be major changes and disruptions during this eight-years period and we’d better be ready for it! What we took for granted will be smashed and a change in attitude seems obvious and necessary. Uranus in action brings innovation, pioneering ideas and revolutionary concepts that we will have to adapt, adjust to survive. Uranus rules technology and computers, discoveries and inventions. There is much more to create and search. Even if Uranus brings sudden changes, it will help breaking chains. But watch out, as stubbornness and rebellion will be part of the game. Uranus in Taurus could destroy financial structures and force us to reconsider the whole subject and think differently. Outside the box!

After reconsidering human rights during the Uranus in Aries years, with Uranus in Taurus, we are going to battle for our basic needs. Food and environment are going to catch full attention. Global warming and other ecological issues will take over. Cruelty-free and veganism lifestyles will be the main subjects, and locally-produced vegies and fruits will be favored. There will be alternative energies, new environment laws and some important political reforms. Social structures will take new forms and we will have to adapt to big environment issues (volcano eruptions, floods, earthquakes…).

Uranus is linked to extreme weather conditions, it might cause more storms and unpredictable events on the planet. Uranus in Taurus might bring ecological disasters and the end of long-lived structures and organizations. It will nevertheless, bring necessary changes and inventiveness to create a more balanced life. It will help make people more ecologically aware of their responsibilities towards the planet!

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