Saturn in Capricorn, does it help?

What can we expect ?

Saturn in Sagittarius brought optimism and expansion while Saturn in Capricorn is all about restriction and hard reality checks. With Saturn in Capricorn, we have the archetype of the Elder as Saturn rules maturation and time.  Saturn rules age and chronological time. It delivers obstacles and tests and it offers opportunities for endurance and completion. It triggers hard work, but eventually, mastery. Saturn in Capricorn asks us to focus on the essential and let go of the rest. Saturn in Capricorn asks us to take responsibility for ourselves. 

A few keywords for Saturn in Capricorn:

Patience, wisdom, solitude, philosophy, austerity, politician and righteousness.

Saturn is the planet of discipline, limitations and frustrations. It teaches us lessons, make us commit and take full responsibility. Morality will be redefined and we will have to adjust during this 3 years period. Saturn in Capricorn will take us on a journey that explores the values of Capricorn: respect, patience, preservation, conservatism and more.

Saturn in Capricorn puts a dual emphasis on systems, governments and authority. We must watch out for oppressive laws and ideologies. Important regulations could be imposed on big businesses that are polluting the planet. Saturn in Capricorn can help us apply what we’ve learned, bringing a more humane and hopeful cycle. When we learn the lessons and do the hard work, Saturn will be rewarding.

We will be more grounded, more organized and focused and we can achieve our goals, as long as we gain confidence and are truly motivated and committed. It will give a feeling of security with its order and structure.

Saturn in Capricorn is hungry for power. Slow but determined, its ambition can lead to success in career. Being persistent and having high standards will be the rule but it is important to delegate or work within a team. There will be a need for self-sufficiency and financial security that can be achieved with patience and resilience.

First challenge to overcome : its first retrogradation

Saturn will be retrograde from April 18th to September 6th, forcing us to revisit our professional goals before heading up. It is time to work for the future, nothing will come easily, nothing will fall into place before September 7th! Some might feel the pressure more than others, but only hard and consistent work will bring pride and satisfaction!

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