Scorpio Horoscope for April 2019

April is a busy month; your work or career will require your full attention and energy. It’s going to be difficult to fit balance your love and work life. Beware of big dreams, they can turn into deceptions. Especially now, with Uranus in Taurus, this position will affect your relationships, they could be chaotic, unstable and stressing. Don’t take any financial risks when Jupiter turns Retrograde. When Saturn and Pluto go backwards, you could change location and neighborhood. It could be a transformative and a long-term process!

Mars entering Gemini April 1st, you could go into a financial competition. You will defend your interests with great zeal and will display convincing skills. Watch out for overtaking and keep placid, if you lose the game!

New Moon in Aries April 6th, you could start a new job, a new project or a new activity. You are surely very excited to go ahead with your plans and nothing will stop you!

Jupiter Retrogrades in Sagittarius from April 10th to August 11th, even if you’ve got what you wanted, you won’t be free to start because of financial reasons. You might have to focus on other priorities and your project could be put in stand-by!

Mercury in Aries April 18th, your mind will start racing in and may be even too much. You have surely planned everything, very carefully, and aren’t going to settle for less or give up!

Full Moon 29o Libra April 19th, as it’s the second Full Moon in this sign, you should take advantage for clearing up a blocked situation. You have waited patiently, it’s time to act now, to set you free!

Sun enters Taurus April 21st, slow down and smell the roses. Take the time to nurture your couple or relationship, as it surely needs it. Don’t delay your efforts if you want it to survive the turbulence.

Venus in Aries April 21st, your agenda will be full and impossible to fit more. Love could end up on the back burner, even though you wished for more.

Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn from April 24th to September 18th, this will bring some adjustments. Your contacts with the neighbors could turn out difficult and your attitude could change!

Saturn Retrogrades in Capricorn from April 30th to October 3rd, if you achieve your goals, they will have long lasting effects. Are you ready?

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