What can I get from this Mercury Retrograde period?

From July 26th, Mercury goes backwards in the sign of Leo, at 23o. The next three weeks are going to be challenging, for sure, as Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograding, as well. But you will feel so much release after this unsettling period which will finish soon, after August 18th.

Mercury is the Messenger so you can expect delays and misunderstandings but unfortunately we never learn easily. Blocks and challenges make us grow, we need to go deeper and test our limits and beliefs. Check your Birth chart in which House you’ll find 23o Leo, and you’ll have a better understanding of the work you have in this sector.

If Mercury Retrogrades

in your 1st House:

You think others don’t perceive you as you really are. This period can help restore your self-esteem and confidence. Perfect timing to re-examine if you’ve been hesitating.

in your 2nd House:

You are going to question your beliefs and revisit your values. You might decide to change your priorities and your position in order to get financially secure.

in your 3rd House:

Everything related to communication will go wrong, cars (plan repairs), computers (back up your files) and more. Confusion is inevitable, don’t make promises.

– in your 4th House:

Your attention will be focused on your house and your family. It might be time to move out or you could change your furniture to get a different perspective.

– in your 5th House:

You are focusing on what you’ve missed out on for so long. You could be revisiting old lovers or returning to previous passions and creative pursuits. Go for it!

– in your 6th House:

You have to be more adaptable and more flexible if you want to survive this chaotic retrograde period. Adjusting to your daily routine can bring the big changes you wish for.

– in your 7th House: WHAT HAPPENS HERE?

– in your 8th House:

Unexpected issues with jointly held resources during this time. Sexual problems need to be sorted out. It is not the best time to take out a mortgage or to start a business.

– in your 9th House:

Don’t think you’re above everyone and that you’ve got it all figured out. This retrograde period might prove you wrong. Follow the flow instead of imposing your power.

– in your 10th House:

Patience is necessary as it’s a time of misunderstanding and frustration. This isn’t the moment for a career change unless you are reapplying for a job you didn’t get before.

– in your 11th House:

You might be confused and there could be a conflict of values between yourself. You need to focus on your objective and postpone any long-term decisions.

– in your 12th House:

There is a need for retreat or you could feel left behind. You will be spiritually inclined and synchronicity will be more present at this time. Relax, let go and release.

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