Mercury enters in Virgo

When Mercury enters in Virgo on September 5th, we’d better be ready for hard thinking, analyzing and selecting. It’s time for practicality and precision in our words and in our actions.

Mercury is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo and when it reaches one of these signs, it is ready to work full speed. You will have to deal with details even if you don’t like it. Mercury signifies speech, analytical thinking, math, business, statistics and travel. Persons ruled by Mercury such as Gemini and Virgo, are good speakers, multitaskers and logical thinkers.

What are the Virgo characteristics?

Virgo is an Earth sign, it is organized, curious and practical. It can be picky, critical and even judgmental at times. Virgo is also a worrier, needing to control all situations in order to feel relaxed and secured.

The qualities and weaknesses of the Virgo will intensify during this period of time. Virgo often offer their services to everyone. A Virgo is always ready to give a hand when asked and feels good when it can help others.

It isn’t a time to be sloppy, confusion and blurry lines will not be accepted. Virgo has high standards, and demands communication be clean and honest. Don’t mess up with orders, meetings and responsibilities!

On the 6th, Retrograde Saturn turns direct in Capricorn after having retrograded for five months. There will be a general feeling of relief and lightness. Blockage will end and things will go ahead, finally. From then, thinking and communication will be tuned up and plans will be safe and sound.

It’s a good time for organizing, writing a speech, or for planning a public announcement. There won’t be a place for self-doubt, people will know what they want and how to get it. They will firmly express their needs and everyone listening will understand and accept the changes at work.

Nothing will be done lightly during these two weeks; every decision will be the result of serious thinking. Full responsibility will be taken when needed and there are good chances of success. Mercury will leave the sign of Virgo for the Libra one, on September 19th, we can expect more softness, more tolerance and more balance after this date!

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